Not Enough Fest

Have you ever wanted to make music or be in a band? A lot of things can make you discouraged; maybe you’re intimidated, maybe you haven’t made many friends that make music, or maybe you are lacking the access to musical equipment?

Negative Space is organizing Not Enough Fest, a show in June of all-new bands, because we want to support more women, queer, non-binary, and trans people getting involved in music.

Negative Space will provide access to a practice space and instruments throughout April, May, and June, and will be the location for the final show on June 22.

To kick things off, we are hosting a free mixer event on Saturday, April 27 at Negative Space, 253 Princess Street. There will be a panel discussion with local musicians, live bands and even snacks! You can use this event to get placed into a band, or sign up the one you have already put together yourself. Can’t make it but want to play the fest anyway? Email us at notenoughwinnipeg @


1. In order to play this show, your band must be brand new. Not Enough Fest will be your first show (June 22).

2. Negative Space wants to support the involvement of women-indentified, queer-indentified, and non-binary people. To read more about why this is important to us, read our statement.

3. Beginning musicians are highly encouraged to participate. If you have never played an instrument before, if you have never been in a band before, this is a great opportunity to get started. Support for beginning musicians will be provided in the months before the fest.

4. This fest is open to anyone & everyone. If you would like to play this fest, there is no formal process to apply. Just start a band and make us aware of your existence and your desire to play the fest by either talking to us in person or e-mailing us at notenoughwinnipeg @ Email us if you want to volunteer too!

This project was inspired by:

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