blahblahblah vol. 1

BLAHBLAHBLAH: Vol. 1 with Garth Hardy 

Wednesday January 2nd, 2013. 8pm.

Entry free or by donation.

Garth will be speaking and offering up choice cuts of sound, all culminating in an open discussion.!/events/172946062828995/

What follows is taken from internet conversations and will give you an idea of where Garth will be steering the convo:———-

Beauty as the denial of habit: Destructive urges, Helmut Lachenmann, and building a new world on the ashes of the old

“My intention isn’t really to talk about music in terms of extremes, or to say something like napalm death is better than john cage – rather I want to have a listening party that presents a particular aesthetic approach to noise; discusses possible backgrounds to and the political (and artistic) implications of said approach; and examines whether or not a noise aesthetic progresses with experience – that is can one become “better” (whatever that may mean to the participant) at making noise through practice/experience, and is it worth it to become “better”.”

In the 1960s, while Pierre Boulez was making empty threats to bomb opera houses, Helmut Lachenmann was quietly obliterating every musical construct he could wrap his ears around. For over fifty years Lachenmann has been creating a type of musica negativa, producing sonic works that destroy the musical conventions that have preceded them in order to create a multitude of sonic possibilities for what follows them. From l’enfant terrible to the last modernist standing, Lachenmann continues to work with sound in ways that are startling, striking and compelling, and this makes me wonder, what does a lifetime of noise sound like?


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